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Magic slimming belly methods


Guide language, if you are the girls who always sit before the computer desk, you must concern your belly fat.

Actually we could reduce weight even when we sit on the seat.

1. Correct your sitting position first

There is no doubt that, 80% of fat belly is caused by bad sitting and standing position.


Using the cushion which could adjust spine could support several points on back in order to reduce fat.

2. Sit after meals

If you sit after eating, you are dangerous. Many people have the habit of sitting after meals, in fact, it is a kind of wrong behaviour. The heat you eaten will be turned into your waist fat. After meals, you can eat some Meizitang, it is one of the best slimming products in the world. Then you will reduce weight in a short time.

3, massage

Massage small intestine. The fingers of bath hands bend together,  the upper parts from the first joint should be closely jointed, the thumb press the inside of the index finger's first joint, both hands show the first half of the heart shape. And then the important parts of the massage is the outside of the navel, stimulate the six points on average. Combine the fingers to press and stimulate from top to down, use 4 seconds to press down, then use 4 seconds to loose and relax. You can also eat the lida daidaihua slimming capsule to increase the exercises effect. Massage on the liver and stomach. The same is as the shape of heart, use fingertips to massage on the surrounding parts of the liver and stomach. It is respectively along the eight stimulating points, before pressing deep inspiratory, when clicking, breathe out slowly.

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