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British American tobacco rapid development of electronic cigarettes

Market observation, British American tobacco group, announced on September 22, will acquire a polish electronic cigarette manufacturers. British American tobacco is currently actively looking for the tobacco substitutes, the acquisition will give its product line expansion.
According to media reports, British American tobacco Group, the acquisition is more complex, first have to buy CHIC Group (CHIC Group), because the CHIC Group owns a 60% stake in the polish electronic cigarette manufacturers. After buying CHIC group, the British American tobacco group will have the company more than 800 retail outlets in Poland, electronic smoke oil production factory, r&d center and VOLISH, P1, Provog electronic cigarette brand. Specific purchase amount is unknown.
At the same time, British American tobacco also announced that already with another cigarette makers Renault made technology sharing agreement in the United States. With the influence of the current global tobacco consumption continues to decline, the agreement on British American tobacco smoke grass alternative markets has provided further support. According to Wells Fargo bank, according to data from the burning of tobacco market capacity has fallen by 3.2% in fiscal year 2014, and expects to have some spray products market share at the end of 2015 could exceed $7 billion. And by sales, British American tobacco tobacco industry's international, Joyetech eVic-VT after the United States.
British American tobacco said, with Renault agreements will allow both sides before the end of 2022 in the United States has maintained exchange of atomization technology, at the same time, the two sides will also spray product research and development, regulatory, scientific, cooperate production problems. The two companies are expected to sign a clear agreement by the end of 2015. British American tobacco currently owns a 42% stake in Renault's American.
Vype electronic cigarette brand belonging to British American tobacco, it has multiple versions of the Vype; Renault America also have their own Vuse electronic cigarette brand.

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