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The R300 Has The Option Of Customizable Stickers !

If you have been vaping for a while,you must know Jaybo & Wismec, lately, Wismec RX300W Coming into the market, this is the first 300 Watt box mod of wismec.

The Reuleaux RX300 now has the option of customizable stickers, so you can get a more personalized look. One of the biggest issues in the beginning with the RX200 was the limited color selection. Now you can have the same mod as everyone else and still stand out.

The Reuleaux RX300 is available in silver, silver carbon fiber, black and black carbon fiber. I have always been a huge fan of the way carbon fiber looks on most mods so I am all about it. The decorative stickers are currently available in black or brown.


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