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How to effectively relieve sitting fatigue for OL workers

After work, all kinds of office syndromes will incur to us, intensive muscle, dull joint and stiff neck.. Next, I will share with you on how to improve it.

Stretch tight muscles

After a day's work, muscle will be intensive, and it is hard to stretch. At this time, you do not need to use some complicated equipments to fix it. Just stretch yourself.

I is really simple. Just hang your hands upon your head, at the same time, step out. Then pass the muscle information to us, and do some medium strength to stretch yourself, especially for the leg muscle.

Activate your joint in a mild way

Moderate exercises refer to running, riding bike, walking, swimming and so on. When we are waking, we need to adjust ourselves according to our body strength and status.

Generally speaking, if you want to decrease body fat, you need to keep heart rate between 94 to 140. And keep it for more than 20 minutes. If you just want soft body, you could walk as the usual speed for 30 minutes to protect your joint.

activate lymph circulation

The lymphatic system is the core part of our body metabolism, if you sit for a long time, it will affect the normal lymph circulation. If you want to have a stronger slimming effect, Botanical Slimming is a better choice, it could help you to control your appetite and increase the metabolism rate.

General speaking, promoting lymphatic circulation could rely on exercises and SPA, activate skin and lymphatic circulation.

The flap focus is on the neck, armpits, chest and joint parts, as well as leg and leg lateral lymph glands.

During the process of flapping, you may have the problem of red spot, do not worry on it, it is the  uric acid crystals.


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