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Vaping Is Easier Than Ever

Eleaf released a new mod. This mod is called iStick Trim Mod. Vapers, who has bought this battery, must have started to appreciate it or use it. Vapers, which used this new battery, found it easy to operate. So your vaping is easier than ever.

The battery has a simple structure with only one button. If you want to power on or off the device, select the power level or activate the tank, you only need to press the single button. Because it has only one button, so this is a device worth having for all vapers. The Eleaf iStick Trim battery Mod is light and elegant, and you can easily carry it. It has five colors to choose, and you can choose your favorite color. Its best partner is Eleaf GSTurbo atomizer. When you use it with GSTurbo atomizer, you'll find that your vaping life is easier than ever.

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