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Benifits Of Kanger Protank 5 Tank

Vapers are given many ways to personalize their system, one of which is to choose the tank that suits their needs.Do you know the Newest Tank form Kanger E Cig Company, the Kanger Protank 5 ? this is a amazing tank ,here is the benifit of this tank :

Enjoy the benefits of a leak-free structure and air flow control. Fill this mod from the top by removing the black top cap holding your removable drip trip, colored black with a wide profile. That's going to let the clouds out for sure.

With a 3-ml tank and a hot system, you could be refilling often. The ability to refill e juice through the top of the mod is an advancement over the previous, bottom-filled Protank.
Kanger also supplies a second tube for the Pyrex Protank 5. These things break, even if you look after them carefully and in spite of their reinforced construction.

A vaper will easily over-tighten one of the caps after taking the RBA apart and putting it back together, which they are meant to do in order to clean it or replace the coil. Accidents happen, but Kanger is one step ahead of them. A single 0.5-ohm coil is supplied with the kit.

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