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Pay attention to the key points for body sliming in summer

The Chinese Traditional Medicine divides the food into two categories: positive food and negative food. Negative food will increase energy absorption, and positive food increases energy consumption. positive food can increase the basal metabolic rate (basal metabolism refers to the human body’s energy metabolism which is not affected by muscle activity, environmental temperature and food), even if you are at rest, the body can release energy in a positive way, this also is one of the reasons why people can stay slim. Positive foods include red meat, garlic, ginger, soybean, sesame seeds. Eat more these food can help you reduce weight effectively.

Supplement vitaminvitamin A, C, E. If you want to become lightsome, first of all, find some nutrients, which can promote defecation, vitamins A, C, E are indispensable. These food include these nutrients such as tomatoes, the lily, cabbage, leek, parsley and chili, seaweed, kelp and sea cabbage. Choosing food correctly in the process of weight loss and effectively supplementing vitamins can help reduce weight healthily.

Change the cooking methods. The cooked food in a fried way can destroy the nutrients in food.
If you want to retain the nutrients of the food, cooking food in a steamed way will be better. Steamed fish, Fried carrot and purple cabbage, celery salad, leek soup are all best choices.

Staple food should be diverse. Diverse staple food can better help clean up the waste in the intestines and stomach. Rice contains cellulose and vitamin B. Wheat is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates and fiber; Barley contains plenty of high-quality protein and amino acid, rich dietary fiber, vitamin B and minerals. Oat contains protein. Millet contains tryptophan and carotene. Beans are rich in high quality protein; Potato contains carotene and vitamin C, so pay attention to arrange the three meals very well and focus on nutrition collocation.

In addition, in the daily life, people should learn to adjust the mood, during the weight loss, dieting may be easy to cause unstable mood, which may bring about emotional eating, so if you want to reduce weight, keep happy as far as possible. Besides, if you want to shorten the body sliming circle, you can have a try on Fruta Planta Reduce Weight, this can help burn fat, beak down fat and accelerate defecation, it also has the effects of invigorating blood circulation and preventing constipation, and you will become slim in a short time without weight rebound, because it is free from side effects, you can be assured to use it.

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