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Thin belly methods, quickly expel toxin and say goodbye to fat

1, yoga before sleep

Yoga before sleep could do a help on our belly organ, strengthen kidney, activate all the spine, reduce wastes accumulation, then you would not have the troubles of fat belly. Yoga movement can also massage the heart, and promote the blood circulation of the lower body.


Step1, sit in bed, stretch straight your legs, and combine your feet and use your hands to grasp your tiptoes.

Step2, inhale, and keep straight of your spine. Exhale, bend the elbow, upper stretch your upper body, and make breast and belly close to legs. Normal breathing, and keep one minute at least。

Notice, pay attention to stretch your legs. Also you can have a try on Lida, it is the drug which could increase our metabolism rate and blood circulation

2, Do not depend on transportation tool

Every day when you are going to work or go shopping, you can try to get rid of the transportation tool, and try your best to have a walk. After 10 minutes, you will feel that your heart rate increase, then you can get the effect of taking exercises.

3, Take a half body bath

If you take a half body bath every day, it is really a good method to thin legs, at the same time you can massage and  through the bubble half bath to increase the lower half of the blood circulation, the thin leg is a very good method, can also match do is massage and exfoliate.

4, belly massage

If your skin is not very sensitive or too dry, you had better get rid of exfoliator every week, and use some slimming product, then the nutrition can be absorbed by our body. At the same time, take exercises. It is not hard to own a flat belly.



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