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What Would Happen When Take Other Brand Atomizer Match With RX200 ?

I asked Wismec if using the Wismec RX200 with atomizers in the Joyetech family, what may happen ?Here is the answer, I want to share with you guys , actually , I think this would be good for vapers .
"It is better to use Wismec atomizers, as some atomizer threads on the market are too long to thread on. If you thread these atomizers on the device for a long use, it will damage the 510 thread of our device. Our warranty will be invalid for this situation, as the problem is caused by the third-party products. If the 510 pin is stuck down, you could try to make it up with a screwdriver or a nipper."

Want to know more about Wismec RX200, Click on http://www.wismec.org/reuleaux-rx200.html

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